• Quality where it counts

    Restaurants have to be kept clean and welcoming so high quality mats are a necessity.

    Supplying the best

    Keeping your restaurant floor clean is tough! You are a high traffic environment and people bring dirt with them.

    When one of the UK's top restaurants at Chardon D'or wanted to replace some old coir mats, they came to us for a better solution.

    Our designers worked with Brian Maule and his team to come up with a practical and hardwearing solution that could be cleaned in-house.


    Our Restaurant mats are tried and tested in some of the UK's busiest restaurants and are designed to keep working and looking great.

    Keeping staff and customers safe

    A wet floor is a slippery floor

    Following a refit, the owners of Toast Cafe (a local favourite) came to us to protect the finish on their new wooden floor.

    We advised on keeping dirt and moisture out of the cafe completely with a printed barrier mat and additional mats for wet and challenging days.

    Complete with the Toast logo, the new mats blended perfectly with the refit.


    As compensation claims continue to increase year on year for people who slip and fall in business premises. Placing a clearly visible mat at your entrance not only removes water from visitors feet but is a clear sign that you take safety seriously.

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