• Welcome to our office

    Keep it clean and looking great.

    Safety first

    Keeping floors drier is keeping floors safer

    The team at Stafffinders were clear in what they needed.

    As one of Scotlands leading recruitment companies, they have a lot of visitors and they wanted to keep dirt out while providing a welcome that showed clients that they were in the right place.


    Our team worked with them locally to find the perfect size and positioning of mat for their offices.


    Over 30% of workplace accidents are due to slips and falls, reducing moisture on a floor dramatically reduces the chances of slipping.

    A warm welcome

    Solving a slippery problem

    The owners of 8 John Street in Glasgow had a problem.

    Their contemporary dark tiled floor got Very Very slippy whenever it rained (or snowed) (or Hailed) in Glasgow.

    They didn't want to distract from the designers original concept for the entrance to this building and so, out team worked with them to find the perfect classic design to compliment their building.


    Providing a printed mat gives visitors assurance and make the place look extremely professional.

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