• Make an impact in your

    Experiential Marketing

    Show the world your incredible products and team with our HD printed mats.

    Nice or Necessity?

    A mat that does more than reinforce your brand message

    We supply many leading brands with the mats that they need for their Experiential Marketing.

    When a leading international experiential marketing agency came to us with a requirement to cover marked parking spaces in a supermarket to define their promotional space, our HD printing provided the solution that the team needed.

    They had two major concerns:

    - The mats HAD to be there on time otherwise, local teams would not be able to set up.

    - The print quality had to meet the demanding requirements of the brand team at the client.

    Our large 2M x 3M mats were just the job and the events were a huge success.

    We understand the importance of getting perfect reproduction and getting the mats delivered to the right place on time. (Our owner worked for many years in the marketing department of a global brand.)

    In this case, the project was turned around in just 10 days and, as you can see from the pictures, everyone was happy and energised.

    You can trust that we will understand and deliver on the special requirements of Marketing and exhibition mat projects.

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