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Turning RISK into OPPORTUNITY and making the most of the Floor Under your Feet.

By Scott Dalgliesh

Promotion marketing  matting in use here with the Lucozade Find your flow campaign

I first started UKSafety Mats back in 2012 and had no idea where this simple idea might take me. What I was sure of was that I had a good understanding of the Value of Brand to a business and, I knew that the culture of Health and Safety in workplaces wasn’t going to go away any time soon.

What started out as a Safety proposition, (“Protecting your Floors and your Staff” was our first strapline) has evolved and, now we find that we are increasingly partnering with clients to unlock the value in the floor as a significant (and inevitably, fun) branding opportunity.

From the Highly successful Lucozade campaign (pictured above) to work with hotel and hospitality brands like Fraser Suites, there is a common theme of extending brand values (and image) to the floor space.

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Time and again, we find that our value to clients is in unlocking the value of floorspace and quite literally turning a RISK (of slips and falls) into an OPPORTUNITY (in branding of unused space).

Working with brands like Ribena, Asda, Mr Simms, Apex Hotels and others is just the start of the story and , as we push into the summer season, we are hugely excited by what is happening next as our customers respond so positively to our message of partnering with their brand to achieve value from the space beneath their feet.


Scott and the team would love to hear your stories of innovative ways to impact your brand on the world and, if you are a Hotel Manager, Brand Manager or work in Experiential Events and think that we can help you to realise the branding potential of the floor beneath your feet, please get in touch.

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